Action Leadership Lab

Help 10,000 people of color be authentic Superheroes as Corporate Executive Leaders, Millionaire Empire Builders or both.

Our Values & Principles

  • Responsibility

    For my actions, thoughts & input. Skip excuses and the blame game.

  • Safety

    For respectful expression of thoughts in a judgement free zone.

  • Perspective

    Seek to understand before seeking to be understood. Listen to all sides.

  • Communication

    Overcommunicate strategies, plans, and next steps rather than the opposite.

  • Alignment

    Avoid making assumptions. Ask for clarification to ensure alignment.

  • Collaboration

    One Team.  One Purpose. We keep toxic behavior at bay. 

  • Friendship

    Turn colleagues into friends through solid support structures. 

  • Optimism

    Together we support each other through the challenges of life.

  • Inclusive

    #BlackLivesMatter #WomxnRock – this is woven into all we do.


  • Listen

  • Understand

  • Reflect

  • Respond

  • Act

How are we different?

  • Employees first. We take care of each other; therefore, our customers are exceptionally taken care of.

  • Personal and corporate evolution. Your evolution helps our business thrive. The world needs the best of you and us! 

  • Recharging built in. We align company strategy with individual contribution. Time for personal pursuits equals productivity.

  • 90-day trial period. You experience our culture for fit. We experience your skills & aptitude for fit.

  • Mindvalley Extraordinary @ Work in the first 90 days. You can partake in other Mindvalley quests for free! Explore, expand & enjoy! We pay. You evolve.

  • Genuine connection. We spread happy support internally for a full week. We “borrowed” “Love Week” from Mindvalley. Yes, we are big fans of Mindvalley!

  • Virtual Connection. We are global. Virtual touch keeps us connected: Daily Team Syncs, Weekly Leadership Syncs, Monthly Team Syncs, Quarterly Mission Check-ins, and Yearly Check-Ins. Too many touchpoints for you? Please don't apply.

Do you want to make an EPIC difference?


Lynn Bonner

Chief Empowerment Officer and Transformation Specialist creating highly profitable businesses and happy get-the-right-things-done teams. 


I have been in Corporate America for over 20+ years. I love the connections & lasting friendships that I still have today.


There is ZERO desire to recreate the internal “competitive” toxic  environments that implode businesses from the inside.


Adding a little enlightened spirituality, genuine connection, mindfulness, & collaboration leads to 58% higher happiness and productivity.


58% in happiness & productivity leads to higher profitability. Less sick days which cost businesses money. Happier employees lead to happier customers. 


Monday blues and FriYAY mentality are things we strive hard to avoid in Action Leadership Lab.

Our Manifesto

  • We are in it together.

    The focus is always on the collective. If the focus is on you and how to personally advance you, this is not the place for you. We collaborate (not compete!!) to move the collective, the company, & the world forward. Internal competition simply deteriorates companies from the inside. 

  • We believe in critical thinking.

    “Tell me exactly what you want me to do,” doesn't work here. Define, express, & execute the thoughts that flow through your mind. Brainstorming session, sure! Handholding? No need to apply.  

  • We believe in “iterative incremental perfection.”

    We want to get better each day, each task, each time to still be relevant 100+ years from now. Remember Blockbuster or Circuit City? Innovate, iterate fast or die.

  • We believe in perpetual growth.

    We focus on growth and new skills, expanding our mindset, & hearing other perspectives. If your learning ended with a “formal” education, skip the application process. 

  • We believe in adaptation.

    We create FREEDOM by ending generational poverty through empowering extraordinary people and their businesses. We focus on moving big needles. The big rocks rarely change but the things around them may. You like change & adaptation? Come on in! 

  • We stay a step ahead.

    Creativity and adaptability are our spices to learning and staying engaged when things get hard. Bring your A game!

  • We believe in diversity.

    Diversity is more than race and gender. Different backgrounds in education and life experiences brings the world’s perspectives to discussions and our outcomes. It also happens to directly increase long term profits. #WinWin

  • We believe in Agility.

    Semi-flat organizations work best for us. Our intent is to stay agile & nimble. We do not believe in multiple layers between the strategic vision and the execution for speed and quality. If you have played the “pass the message” game, you know why multiple layers suck and drastically slows things down.

  • We believe in purpose.

    Meetings should have an agenda & purpose.  Meeting just to meet really bugs us. You too? We might be the place for you.

  • We believe in simplicity.

    We actively seek ways to condense the complex into simple but interesting basics.

“The definition of genius is taking the complex and making it simple.” ― Albert Einstein

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